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As the former manager of Gray Goats Sports, I became familiar with your product and have continually used it to prevent my plantar fascitis. I recently won the Evansville Half Marathon and in a post race interview I gave a big talk about the ARCH+AID band on my foot allowing me to train at the level I had. So I figured I would send the link to the article just in case you were interested in reading it. Thanks again for making the product and keeping me from the knife and down time. Since the article has run the bike shop here in the city has had calls for them.  
Miles K, Indianapolis, IN
I have been very active all my life and never had a foot problem until 6 months ago when my heel hurt so bad some days I could not walk. I went though all the usual routines with a podiatrist including anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone shots, rolling my foot alternately on a frozen water bottle then on one filled with hot water, special exercises, taping the foot, special shoes, and custom inserts for my shoes. I got some relief but was not cured. The quality of my life was considerably lessened. As a final resort the podiatrist recommended surgery which would include a cast and not being able to drive for one month. This was really scary! At this point, I talked to my brother who is 68 years old, sells shoes part time at a running store in Cincinnati, is an ex-running coach, and has run the Boston Marathon for the last three years. He said that he too had suffered plantar fasciitis and told me that we both had inherited high arches that aggravate the problem. When we met this summer for a Canadian fishing trip he brought along a pair of Arch+Aids and asked me to try them. They gave me relief the first day! I have been wearing them for 6 weeks and just ordered another pair. I take them off when I swim or shower and when I go to bed at night but otherwise never go without them on by bad foot. I have tried a competitive product and do not feel that it gives my foot the support that Arch+Aid does.  
Larry C, Greenville, SC
You product had been wonderful. The day before I received it I had played tennis and the pain in my foot was horrible. It was like someone had pounded a spike in the heel of my foot. The next day I put on the Arch Aid and it was unbelievable the instant relief I received. After two months of suffering it was like a miracle. Since my initial use the pain has practically been all gone. I still use it on a daily program for maintenance of my arch because when I try going without it I can feel discomfort in my arch and suspect the problem will come back if I do not use your product. It has been a wonderful savior.  
James S., Manitowoc, WI
The ARCH+AID’s work great, as long as I don’t strap them on too tight. Great support for my arch while running, but gives just enough so it doesn’t feel like I’m running on cement.  
Arianne, Lakewood, CO
I began wearing the product Tuesday of this week and began to notice immediate relief from my foot pain. I generally experience a significant amount of pain the following day after mowing my lawn. (I walk one acre) I mowed last evening and my feet felt remarkably well this morning. I recommend this also for people who work in a factory like I do.  
Bud W., Indianapolis, IN
I work in a power plant and walk probably +6 hrs. /day on a variety of surfaces. In the evening after I got off my feet, I would get up and my feet were stiff and sore. The first evening after I wore the ARCH+AID'S, no pain, no stiffness…nothing... and the next morning no pain or stiffness. It's part of my daily footwear now. They are not just for athletes.  
David H., Trafalgar, IN
I originally thought the ARCH+AID was a joke. But I came to find when I play volleyball my feet do not hurt after playing (when wearing them) and they dont hurt the day after either. Thanks for a great product. I also race bicycles and I use them when I train and race. Thanks again because it's no joke.  
Don B., Indianapolis IN
I’m in industrial sales. The factory floor is my home. Some days pounding the concrete floors takes it’s toll. After using ARCH+AID’S the miles don’t matter. At the end of the day my feet are fine!!! I have also used one on my dog. He has a constant licking problem and will lick his leg long enough that he develops sores from the licking. I used and ARCH+AID on it and believe it or not the sore spot is improving because he does not seem to notice having it on and it stays on. He also has not tried to take it off. The picture of my dog is included in my e-mail to you.
Don S., New Castle, IN
In my office we ran a 90% success rate with the ARCH+AID. When I can get a product to work 50-60% of the time I am happy.  
Dr. J. Tzucker, Indianapolis, IN
I had Plantar Fasciitis so bad that I was crawling around my house in the mornings. I wore the ARCH+AID'S for a couple of weeks and my problem went away and has never returned. I wear them when I know I am going to be on my feet a lot so I don't get that problem again.  
Graham B., Indianapolis, IN
TEAM CLYDESDALE USA endorses the ARCH+AID for their athletes!  
Guy E., Carmel IN
I read about the ARCH+AID in the Indianapolis Business Journal. I e-mailed the reporter whose e-mail was listed at the end of the article. He referred me to your web site. The owner of the store I went into provided a convincing testimonial also. The store was out so I have a coworker who was going to Indianapolis and she picked up a pair for me in Indianapolis. I have had it on my foot for five days and it feels much better. I really did not think I would be able to run again but now things are looking MUCH better. Many many Thanks  
Jane St. J., Bloomington IN
I promised you that I would write you and tell you how the ARCH+AIDS worked. They work really well in my work shoes. I don’t wear them unless I am working, because that is the only time my feet hurt. But my feet don’t hurt at all now while I am working, or after I come home. It is such a nice feeling to not have your feet hurting every day.  
Jenie E., Greenwood, IN
My ability to run has returned with the use of the ARCH+AID. I could not run anymore and my orthotics were not comfortable. The ARCH+AID'S were so comfortable I could not tell I had them on.  
Richard D., Indianapolis, IN
While playing basketball my feet would kill me the next morning. With the ARCH+AID I can play as often as I want with no pain the next day. Now I wear them for preventative measures.  
Steve B., Indianapolis, IN
I first purchased my ARCH+AID's while on a business trip to New York City. I had forgotten my "Pad-With-A-Strap" type in California and thought the ARCH+AID would be a less expensive, temporary replacement for the 10 day duration of my trip. That was about a year ago. I'll be wearing my original (only) pair in this Sunday's July 9th 2000 Marathon in San Francisco. ARCH+AID works better. It feels better, and less cumbersome. As I prepare for the marathon, I wonder..........what if these ARCH+AID'S ever wear out! That is why I wrote to the address on the box which I decided to save and bring home from New York. Thanks for a great product and your website helped.  
Steve G., Petaluma CA
I wanted to write to you and let you know how well your new ARCH+AID'S worked for me. I usually have soreness in my arches when playing basketball, especially the next day. Not only didn't my arches hurt while playing, I had no soreness the next day. I also couldn't tell that I was wearing them, which was nice. Thanks for turning me on to this wonderful product, now if you could only help me with my shot!  
Tim R., Fishers, IN