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What is ARCH+AID?
ARCH+AID is an adjustable, elastic, compression wrap. It is made of a medical grade elastic loop fabric that is secured by a sewn on loop and hook material providing lengthwise adjustment.

ARCH+AID is designed to prevent and relieve arch related foot pain. It provides arch support for those whose feet are tired or sore from being on their feet all day or after working out. Several medical conditions are helped by the use of this product including post-operative swelling of the feet.

ARCH+AID was developed by a former world class athlete whose feet hurt after working out. He developed a medical condition called Plantar Fasciitis. It was debilitating and he was unable to find anything in the retail market to relieve his pain. This product was born out of his need. After wearing the prototype his condition totally subsided and he has been pain free. The ARCH+AID was designed with the help of a podiatrist who noted that this condition along with others could be helped by the use of this product.

ARCH+AID has been available since March 1999.